What do TumbleweedsLittle Orphan Annie, Smokey Stover, Mary Worth, and Clifford the Big Red Dog have in common? They were all created by Hoosier cartoonists! For over a centuryIndiana has been growing cartoonists like corn, from John McCutcheon, dean of political cartoonists, to comic book artist Reed Crandall (Blackhawk), to comic strip cartoonists Dale Messick (Brenda Starr) and John Striebel (Dixie Dugan), to the successful cartoonists of today. This website and the two blogs to which it is linked are devoted to telling their stories and showing their artwork.

Political cartoonists and strip cartoonists, animators and illustrators, comic book artists and gag cartoonists--you'll find them all here, at Hoosier Cartoonists!

Welcome to Hoosier Cartoonists. If you're looking for a list of cartoonists and illustrators from Indiana, see the Roll Call page. Further contacts are on the Contact page. Otherwise, you can have a look at my two blogs:

Hoosier Cartoonists
A blog with news and views of cartoonists from Indiana.

Indiana Illustrators
A blog with biographies of illustrators from Indiana and some of the pictures they created.

You might also want to have a look at my blog about the artists and writers who contributed to Weird Tales magazine:

Tellers of Weird Tales

And you can always email me with questions or comments at:


Thanks for looking.

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